Pressing Capabililities

Eliott Engineering operates one of the most advanced press shops in the country. We have machines that can press extremely thin steel (as thin as 0.8mm) to a high degree of accuracy as well as huge machinery capable of pressing steel as thick as 60mm.

Our crowning jewel is the Ursviken brake press. Utilising up to 1700 tonnes of pressure, this machine can press steel as long as 9600mm and as thick as 50-60mm.

We press:

  • Mild Steel up to 60mm thick in grades 250 and 350
  • High Strength 700MPa steel
  • Wear Resistant Steel (400-500HB)
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless and
  • Zinc and Gal

Our range of brake presses (including precision 200 tonne presses) allow us to accurately form simple bends, channels as well as more intricate formwork.

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Pressing Capabilities

FARINA   200MT  Up to 8mm  4.1mt wide
URSVIKEN   200MT  Up to 8mm  4.1mt wide
URSVIKEN   640MT  Up to 25mm  6.1mt wide
BBM   650MT  Up to 25mm  7.5mt wide
KLEEN   750MT  Up to 32mm  6.6mt wide
URSVIKEN  1700MT  Up to 60mm  9.5mt wide


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